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Community, elementary and high school, colleges, medical, hospital, and business/corporate groups will, at times, request a speaker from the BCMA. We maintain a list of speakers and suggested titles, based upon previous requests and lectures presented. 

If you are interested in joining our Speaker's Bureau, please complete the on-line form found below or complete and fax us the attached "Speakers Bureau Registration Form". Indicate your specialty, your preferred presentation group/style, geographical restrictions, if any,  and at least 3 suggested titles, selecting one of the suggested topics or your own personal topics.


If you know of a group that would like to request a BCMA speaker, you may forward them the attached "Volunteer Request for Speaker Form." 


Listed below are some suggested titles that have been compiled based upon requests or physician-provided topics:


  1. An update on heart disease- prevention and treatment
  2. How can I tell that I am having a heart attack or a stroke?
  3. Living with congested heart failure
  4. Obesity in adults: How to prevent and treat 
  5. Obesity in children: How to prevent and treat
  6. Asthma in the elderly
  7. Asthma in the young child
  8. Improving quality of life for patients with emphysema
  9. Chronic cough- what could it be?
  10. Healthy living for patients with diabetes
  11. Vaccininations for adults- what do I need?
  12. Glaucoma and cataracts: how to diagnose and when to treat
  13. Which vitamins, e.g. Vit D and Vit E,  and which herbs, e.g. echinacea and garlic, should I take? 
  14. Food allergies: increasing incidence and severity
  15. Prostate cancer: To treat or not to treat
  16. New methods of diagnosing and treating breast cancer
  17. Ostoeporosis: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment
  18. Erectile Dysfunction: An update on diagnosis and treatment
  19. The autistic spectrum: causes, diagnosis, and treatment
  20. Insomnia and sleep disorders
  21. Caring for our aging parents
  22. Coping strategies for the elderly
  23. Coping strategies for the busy professional
  24. Hives and itch: Please help me
  25. Depression: A disease of all ages
  26. Career paths: Should I go into medicine? 
  27. What is it like being a doctor (or a particular specialist)?
  28. Nose allergies and sinus disease: what's new? 
  29. Osteoarthritis: What is the most effective treatment? 
  30. Lower back pain: Does anything help?
  31. Allergic emergencies: How to recognize and treat
  32. What does Health Care Reform mean for the patient?
  33. What does Health Care Reform mean for the physician?


 Speakers Bureau Registration Form


 Volunteer Request for Speaker Form


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

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