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2013 Physician Medicare Fix
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State News

BCMA and South Caucus 2013 FMA Resolutions that were adopted or referred for study/action: 


Resolution 13-201

Florida Medical Association Transparency

South Florida Caucus


HouseAction:  Referredtothe BoardofGovernors.

RESOLVED, Thatthe FloridaMedicalAssociation(FMA) open meetings oftheCommitteeonthe Future toallFMAmembers, and be itfurther

RESOLVED, Thatthe minutesofthe Committeeonthe Future be madeavailableto allFMA members, and beitfurther

RESOLVED, Thatthe minutesofallFMAcouncilsand committees, the FMA Board ofGovernors, and

the FMA Executive Committee bemadeavailableto allFMAmembers.



Resolution 13-202

Representation of Employed Physicians


RESOLVED, That the Florida Medical Association study the feasibility of contractually employed physicians forming a union or other appropriate organization.


Resolution 13-204

Physician and Medical Staff Member Bill Of Rights


Broward County Medical Association

House Action: Referred to the Board of Governors for action.


RESOLVED, That the Florida Medical Association will support and adopt the amended Medical Staff Member Bill of Rights to include rights number 9 and 10; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Florida Medical Association will encourage the formation of Medical Staff Advocacy Committees throughout Florida; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Florida Medical Association will support the Medical Staff Advocacy Committees’ role with medical staff issues and communications between Physicians and Hospitals and any other appropriate agency; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Florida Medical Association will report or support such report by a local medical society to the appropriate agency any concern or violation of the Physicians Bill of Rights not resolved by communications between the medical society and hospitals; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the Florida Medical Association should publically announce the physician medical staff bill of rights and send a letter urging every medical staff leadership and hospital administration in Florida to adopt and immediately conform with these basic rights within 30 days.


Resolution 13-302

NICA Accountability

South Florida Caucus


RESOLVED, That the Florida Medical Association (FMA), in the interest of transparency, provide to its members a link on the FMA website to any annual report required by the Florida Legislature related to NICA.


Resolution 13-314

Unlicensed Health Care Clinics That Accept Only “Cash”

South Florida Caucus


House Action: Referred to the Board of Governors.

RESOLVED, That the Florida Medical Association support legislation to substitute the words “remuneration, either directly from the patient, in cash or in kind, or through a third party, such as an insurance company" for the word "reimbursement", effectively making clinics that do not receive insurance reimbursement also required to register with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) as a Health Care Clinic, thereby protecting the public from unlicensed activity.


Resolution 13-404

Medicaid Reform HMO/PSN Statewide Expansion and

Medicaid Eligibility Expansion through Federal funding

Broward County Medical Association, Dade County Medical Association


HouseAction:  Referredto the Board ofGovernorsforstudy.

RESOLVED, Thatthe FloridaMedicalAssociation willpubliclysupportthe Medicaid eligibility

expansionandfederalsupportand furthermore requestand urgethat the StateofFloridaaccepts those provisions of the PatientProtection andAffordable Care Actacceptingfederaldollarsupportfor the

Medicaid programand higherphysician reimbursement;and be itfurther


RESOLVED, Thatthe FloridaMedicalAssociationwillpubliclysupportanystatewide expansion of Medicaid into managed care onlyifsuch programs safeguard patientaccessto care while increasingall primarycarephysiciansMedicaidrate payments toMedicareratessuchasinternaland family medicine,pediatricians andobstetricianand gynecologists;andfurthermore supportsuchratesfor specialistsin order to maintain sufficientcarenetworks in the stateregions ofreform;and beit further


RESOLVED, Thatthe FloridaMedicalAssociation(FMA) willpubliclysupportany

Medicaid Reformstatewideonlyifitaddressesallofits physicians concerns;andbe it further


RESOLVED, Thatthe FMA willsenda lettertothe State ofFlorida, the Governorand CMS within one month specificallypublishingand askingfor theseresolutions andthis position, requestingthe stateto expandMedicaid statewide onlywithsafeguards and higherphysician reimbursements and to acceptthe FederalMedicaid eligibilityexpansionandfederal funds and furthermore, askfora2013

speciallegislative session.



Local News

Broward County 2013 Health Conditions Re
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