Exploring Committees of the Medical Association in Hollywood, Florida

The Council of the Medical Association in Hollywood, Florida is responsible for protecting the interests of doctors in relation to Medicare, Medicaid and other government health programs. The officers, trustees and four councils are elected by the House of Delegates at the annual meeting. This process provides delegates with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the candidates and their points of view. Applications for these offices are in high demand throughout the Federation.

Campaigns are usually lively and are carried out in accordance with the rules established by the Chamber, which are amended from time to time. Elections are held by secret ballot and are under the supervision of the Rules and Credentials Committee and the chief teller, who are appointed by the president and vice president. People who intend to stand for election should review the document on the electoral process and campaign rules (PDF).Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) councils and committees consult schools, departments, and the School Board on a variety of topics. The members, who represent the District's stakeholders, provide invaluable services to the BCPS by serving as subject matter experts on their respective advisors or committees. Karen has worked in the South Palm Beach medical community for 30 years as a consultant for seniors, families, caregivers, doctors and attorneys.

She conceptualized and co-founded MDVIP, the largest concierge medicine company in the United States, and opened the first MDVIP office in March 2001. The Medical Education Council acts as a liaison between the Florida Medical Association (FMA) and Florida Council of Deans of Medical Schools. It works closely with medical schools on public policy issues. The Council develops and presents programs for FMA's annual meeting, including scientific programs, and acts as an accrediting body for continuing medical education. The FMA Council on Medical Economics and Practical Innovation is responsible for providing recommendations and guidance to the FMA Board of Governors regarding economic aspects of healthcare delivery. The Finance Committee prepares a draft budget for FMA consideration by Executive Committee and Board of Governors. The FMA Council on Medical Education, Science and Public Health provides guidance to FMA Board of Governors on issues related to medical education in Florida.

It also works with a working group to assess needs of women in medicine and recommend FMA resources to support these needs. Marla is an avid public speaker, contributor to South Florida Parenting Magazine, former co-host of 3 Loud Women talk show, former member of NAWBO board of directors, former president of Sorority at Temple Solel, Complaints Committee member at Florida Bar Association, and associate professor of Social Work at FAU. She lives in Boca Raton with her husband Richard and two sons Joshua and Michael. The CME and Accreditation Committee serves Medical Education Council by performing responsibilities necessary to accredit CME providers in Florida and approve activities for obtaining CME credits through direct sponsorship or co-sponsorship with FMA. In conclusion, there are several committees within the Medical Association in Hollywood, Florida that serve different purposes. These committees provide invaluable services to doctors, seniors, families, caregivers, attorneys, medical schools, BCPS councils and committees. They also work closely with FMA Board of Governors on public policy issues related to medical education in Florida.

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