Partnerships for Medical Association Members in Hollywood, Florida: Accessing Quality Care

The American Medical Association (AMA) is devoted to advancing the art and science of medicine and improving public health. To this end, the AMA has formed strategic partnerships with various medical schools and program associations. One such collaboration is between Florida Atlantic University and the Memorial Healthcare System, which have created a “Research PACT” (Research Partnership to Advance Clinical Trials). This partnership combines their expertise and resources in clinical research, clinical trials, basic research, and translational biomedical research.

WelbeHealth is another partner of the AMA that provides high-level medical and social services to elderly people in marginalized communities. Memorial Healthcare System is one of the leading health systems in Florida and is supported by a distinguished medical staff. The majority of doctors associated with Memorial are certified or qualified in their specialties and have been trained in some of the best medical schools and hospitals in the country. Sepideh Chegini is an internist specializing in geriatric medicine and a social scientist specializing in gerontology.

She has served as medical director at a comprehensive geriatric hospitalization service in Southern California and currently works as a palliative care physician at Rozeroom Hospice. Additionally, she was the senior medical director at CareMore Health, where she led institutional plans for special needs at the national level, driving continuous improvements in care delivery, clinical outcomes, and program growth. She was also the medical director of On Lok, the original PACE, and founding medical director of Sutter Senior Care PACE, one of the first PACE replication centers. Chegini studied medicine at George Washington University, where she recognized her life's mission to care for people with both physical and mental complexities.

Through these partnerships, members of the AMA in Hollywood, Florida are able to access quality medical services from experienced professionals who are committed to providing comprehensive patient-centered care.

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