The Florida Medical Association: Advocating for Doctors and Patients in Hollywood, FL

The Florida Medical Association (FMA) is a professional organization that is devoted to advocating for doctors and their patients in Hollywood, FL. Our mission is to promote public health, ensure the highest standards of medical practice, and improve the quality and availability of healthcare in the Sunshine State. The FMA has several committees and working groups that are responsible for different aspects of medical care. The Medical Education Council serves as a liaison between the FMA and the Florida Council of Deans of Medical Schools.

This council works closely with medical schools on public policy issues. The Council on Medical Economics and Practical Innovation is responsible for providing recommendations and guidance to the FMA Board of Governors regarding economic aspects of healthcare delivery. The Council on Medical Education, Science and Public Health provides guidance to the FMA Board of Governors on medical education in Florida. The CME and Accreditation Committee serves the Medical Education Council by performing the responsibilities necessary to accredit CME providers in Florida and to approve activities for obtaining CME credits through direct sponsorship and co-sponsorship with the FMA.

The Finance and Appropriations Committee prepares a draft budget for the FMA each year for consideration by the Executive Committee and Board of Governors. The Council develops and presents programs, including scientific programs, for the FMA's annual meeting and acts as an accrediting body for continuing medical education. The Physicians Union Task Force was created to determine the feasibility and appropriateness of forming a doctors' union in Florida. Additionally, a working group was established to assess the needs of women in medicine and recommend FMA resources to support these needs, including creating a section on women in medicine. The FMA is committed to providing quality healthcare services to all Floridians.

We strive to ensure that our members are well-informed about current issues in healthcare, have access to resources that will help them provide better care for their patients, and are able to advocate for their patients' rights. We are dedicated to making sure that all Floridians have access to quality healthcare services.

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